Thurmont 2003

November 5, 2007


The Thurmont event was GREAT! Several people told me that their entusiasm has been renewed….. they believe that Thurmont will continue to be an annual tradition for many years to come! Admitedly, last year the weather was lousy…..and the turnout was less than inspiring…and frankly, a few of us feared that maybe the steam was coming out of our collective enthusiasm. But after this year’s luncheon/reunion………….all doubt has been removed! Thurmont lives!



It was a beautiful fall day in Thurmont this year for our annual luncheon! Turnout was rather spectacular. According to Doris Fausey the people attending were:

Rick Armstrong
Harriet Arshawsky
Gene and Frances Beall
Buddy Belote
Harold and Margie Bloom
William Calder, Jr. and 3 Guests
George Catron
George and Mary Dewees
Donna and Earl Dunmeyer
George and Despena Eptamenitis
Royce and Doris Fish
Emil and Hazel Franks
David French
Stanley and Harriet Guttenberg
James and Barbara Hannen
James and Margaret Hargreaves
Donald W. Herr
Verna L. Horner
Chuck Langdon
Peter and Alice Masters
Allan McConnell Jr.
Kline H. Mengle
Peter O’ Reilly
Kevin Rafferty
Don Richards
Lee Shephard
Jimmie Silman
Paul and Bea Stottlemyer
Mary Jo Taylor
Ernest Tobin and Guest- Catherine Sollers
Hal and Diane Walker
Sean and Flora Ward
Richard Webb
John and Donna Wilcox
David and Thelma Zarin
Tony and Betty Zukas
Doris and Bob Fausey
Ernie Bauer

I think most of these folks were there, although there may have been a couple who signed up but were not able to make it at the last minute.


As usual, I got to talking and missed getting pictures of everybody…….if any of you got good shots of folks I missed…send them to me, and I’ll put them up here.

Sounds of the past

I’ve gotten some nice compliments, regarding the segment of our luncheon that I pieced together. Thanks for the “flowers,” but all the credit must go to Richard Webb. For those of you who were not able to get to Thurmont this year, the presentation consisted of actual recordings of channel 9 station breaks and movie intros (mainly “Shock Theatre”) from the 60’s; sounds that no one ever expected to hear again. How they came to be preserved……… the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say:

A 15 year old horror movie fan… Ashland, VA….would sneak downstairs on the weekends when his parents had gone to sleep. He not only watched the movies, he recorded the audio with his small home recorder. It was’t long afterward that he became less of a horror movie fan…….and MORE of a Don Richards fan. Don’s subtle “goofing” of the intros and outros of the movies, and the late night antics (supposedly “off mic”) of the engineers….keep him glued to late night TV on weekends. Later he entertained his friends with recordings of some of Richard’s funniest bits. ..creating a number of new Don Richards fans, many of them in Texas when Webb was serving there in the Army.

Last year Richard Webb discovered this website……and contacted me. He said he still had all those tapes and did I think anyone would be interested in hearing them. Well, there were a lot of us who enjoyed hearing them. It was pretty dramatic hearing the voices of Hal Stepler, Ted Miller, Dave Campbell, John Douglas, Greg Oliver, Dennis Owens (yes, Dennis Owens introducing “Shock”) …and of course the humor of Don Richards.

So, thanks, Richard Webb. What a nice suprise from the past!

(PS…..and thanks to Chuck Langdon for bringing along his PA system! The Cozy Inn has GREAT food……..but a lousy PA system. It’s probably OK for Karioke………but not for a room full of radio and TV professionals.)

Collectors Item

I came accross this on the internet. Buddy tells me that Melissa’s little girl has already broken all of her mama’s swimming stats…….when mama Melissa was her age! There is something about those Belote genes………………

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Transmitter Photos

November 5, 2007


You’ve got to see this. This is a page from the greatest radio site on the web! Take a look:WTOP TRANSMITTER

Those fabulous pictures were found on the DCRTV site. Its creator is Dave Hughes. You will find almost ANYTHING you ever wanted to know about local radio and TV on this site. Prepare to be amazed!

Jack Jurey

November 5, 2007

Jack Jurey

Several of you have mentioned the omission of one of the important mainstays of WTOP-TV in the 60’s, Jack Jurey. Jack wrote and delivered the on camera editorials (which was not that common in local TV back then) for Post Newsweek Stations….which were aired several times a day. Frankly, the only reason Jack’s picture was missing was………I didn’t have one. That has now been corrected….thanks to Philamena, Jack’s wife.

Jack Jurey

Jack joined WTOP Radio and Television in 1958 (he had been
labor editor and editorial writer for the Youngstown Vindicator and
before that was news director of WKBN radio in Youngstown). He
originated the WTOP editorials, which he broadcast on both radio and
TV, and he won a number of awards. In 1963, for the editorials, the
Radio Television News Directors’ Association Award. His editorials
from his two-week fact-finding trip to Vietnam won the Sigma Delta
Chi award for the station for distinguished service in journalism.
Other awards were local Emmy awards for documentaries, including
“Dialogue with Whitey,” which was done after the Washington riots on
the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., and “Conversation with a King,”
an interview with King Hussein of Jordan immediately after the 1967
mideast war. In addition to the editorials Jack was news editor
(under Ed Ryan) and then news director.

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40th Anniversary

November 5, 2007

Broadcast House

What a place. What a time! This is a site that’s dedicated to remembering the early days of WTOP radio and television…….

40th Anniversary Show

In 1966 I was fortunate enough to be asked to write and produce a show celebrating the history of WTOP radio. That was one of my most enjoyable assignments. Although I felt a little overwhelmed ….I was honored and gave it my best shot. I spent a lot of time out at the transmitter going through mounds and mounds…of old discs…many of which were glass based. The transmitter engineers said that when the weather would change rather dramatically… would hear some of those old discs crack.

I think I salvaged enough of them to keep the show interesting. So, on a Sunday night in the Fall of 66….we kicked off a week of promoting our 40th anniversary…..with the History show that I wrote and narrated….and Jon Posey produced. We did it live…….and I think it came off very well. We even got a little blurb in Variety magazine.

I thought it was lost………..until about 4 years ago…when I saw it mentioned on the internet…… being in the archives at Maryland University. I got a copy from them…….and gave it out to many of our people at Thurmont.

To hear the show:


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Just Yesterday

November 5, 2007



From L to Right:

Sam Donaldson, Hal Stepler,Lew Martin (Hugh Guidi), Dan Daniels, Julian Barber, Bob Dalton, Terry Hourrigan, John Douglas, Bob Kelly, Paul Norton is the newsman in the center

Eddie Gallagher


Here’s a website that is almost unbelievable……as far as it’s coverage of what’s happening now….in the radio and TV biz. This guy must do nothing but watch TV and listen to the radio 24 hours a day. His name is Dave Hughes. You’ll also see some great nostalgia stuff on this site…….

Click Here

if that doesn’t work…..go to

WJSV Scrapbook

These photos are from a special magazine section of the Washington Post…March 3, 1940

by James Snyder

(I want to personally thank James Snyder for sending me this. I think this is probably the most accurate history of WTOP’s beginnings that you’ll ever see. -Lee)

I’ve done quite a bit of work on the early years of what became WTOP,
and I noted the Peter O’Reilly email about who first owned the
station and the meaning of WJSV. I can shed some light on both.

The Twentieth District Regular Republican Club of Brooklyn, NY put
station WTRC on the air in 1926. While it might seem a simple case
of a Republican committee having a radio station, it is part of a
much larger story. The Republican party in New York City was locked
in a battle for control between the mainstream Republicans and
members of the resurgent Ku Klux Klan, who at the time controlled
political parties in a number of states and was attempting to take
control of Brooklyn and New York City politics, since as went NYC so
went New York State. The Republican party in Brooklyn was organized
into several dozen Districts, each District responsible for putting
forth candidates and bringing in public support in elections. The
Klan was systematically taking control of each District’s governing
boards. The Twentieth District was one of the largest, most powerful
and well funded.

WTRC was put on the air by the Klan faction that had taken control of
the Twentieth District Republicans. WTRC stands for “Twentieth
Republican Club”. It was funded and run by James S. Vance and his
publication, “The Fellowship Forum”. The subheading of “The
Fellowship Forum” is “The Voice of the Ku Klux Klan in America”.

During 1927 there was a severe legal and public backlash against the
Klan and its cronies in the Republican Party throughout the nation.
There was quite a bit of heat being put on the Republicans in
Brooklyn who were seen as Klan cronies, so one of the first actions
the Klan faction was to transfer the station out of New York. There
was a second reason I believe encouraged them to move, and that is
the coming of the Federal Radio Commission. In 1927 there was a move
afoot to regulate radio, which would mean the shut down of hundreds
of radio stations that were interfering with each other since they
all operated on two frequencies. I have found no references to
potential regulation being a factor in the move, but many stations
were trying this method to stay alive in the months before the
Federal Radio Commission came into being.

The station was moved to Mount Vernon Hills, VA in 1927, and the call
letters were changed to WTFF, for “The Fellowship Forum”. Within a
year, the call letters were changed again to WJSV, named for James S.
Vance, the publisher of “The Fellowship Forum” and a Grand Wizard of
the Ku Klux Klan in Virginia. Given that one of the Klan’s primary
arguments was Christian (in other words, Protestant) purity, I
wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Vance put forth the “Jesus Saves
Virginia” slogan so the station didn’t seem quite such a personal
exercise in ego.

Mount Vernon Hills was not an ideal spot for a 50 watt radio station,
so Mr. Vance started to invest in a 10,000 watt station on 1460 in
1928. He quickly realized how expensive such an undertaking would be
and that his daily program of religious programming wouldn’t pay for
the electricity, so he quickly worked a deal with the new Columbia
Broadcasting System to become the primary station for CBS in
Washington, DC. CBS would take over all programming and engineering
costs for the operation of the station, with an option to renew or
purchase the station after five years.

The FCC file implies that CBS quickly realized they were in bed with
the Klan, and negotiations started in 1931 to purchase the station &
license outright by CBS, which they did.

CBS also quickly realized the value of WJSV as their originating
station in the nation’s capital and moved the transmitter to Potomac
Yards in Alexandria in 1930 to boost power and improve the coverage
pattern, then to Wheaton in 1940 due to the construction of National
Airport and the expansion of the RF&P Potomac Yards switching yard.

The station kept the call letters until 1943, when Frank Stanton paid
$60,000 to the Tiffen, Ohio Police for the call letters “WTOP”.

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

James Snyder

* James Snyder
* Radio / TV / HDTV / digital TV / Film
* Engineering, Operations & Production specialist
* – email
* (eMac G4/800)
* Communications is my work; its history my passion.

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November 5, 2007


Return with us now….to those thrilling days of yesteryear (1960’s in this case)……when EVERYBODY tuned to Channel 9

AND, Listened to WTOP radio

You get an A plus if you remember this man:

Give up?

That’s “Benny the Fan,” whose stint at WTOP was short-lived but who, in my opinion, broke new ground in sports talk radio. If you’ve ever heard Ed Walker do “Baltimore Benny”…..that’s exactly what “Benny the Fan” sounded like. I always thought Ed patterned Baltimore Benny after BTF……but Ed’s Benny might have preceeded BTF…in which case…..BTF probably imitated BB. Anyway….BTF was raucous, rowdy, and highly entertaining. His was pure “bar talk”…………..which was quite different for a station of WTOP’s size. Benny didn’t last long…for what reason I don’t know……but not long afterwards, the incomparable Warner Wolf took over the evening radio spot….and, as they say, the rest is history.

And then……..

The Redskins games never “sold out” during those days, so the NFL “blacked out” the local games. Special friends and clients, would gather at the Channel 9 studios on Sunday afternoons…and sneak a peek at the skins games, coming down the network lines. The other form of football entertainment….was our annual Radio vs TV touch fooball game! It was an awful lot of fun….and thank goodness none of us out of shape sedentary types had any heart attacks. Only bruises and sore muscles.

That’s Charlie Stone throwing the ball. Charlie later became a top notch director at ABC….and died at a very young age, either during, or right after directing Nightline with Ted Koppel. What a fantastic guy Charlie was. He began his TV career on the floor crew at TOP……met and married Louise (I believe it was) who also worked at TOP….I remember Charlie, Wes Croteau (who worked in film) and Butch Patnode…all went to ABC at about the same time, and ALL became top notch executives at ABC. (Butch is the only defensive football player I’ve ever seen who could knock down an opponant’s pass…..from any position on the field.)

And the only way to avoid being sacked by Kline Mengle
…..was to try your dam-dest…to fly.


CADENCE was a morning talk show that followed Ranger Hal each morning from 1967 til 1969 that featured Lee Shephard, Carol Clark and David French. It had it’s moments. For one thing Carol Clark was probably the prettiest woman to appear on Washington TV….up to that time and her cooking and exercise features were outstanding. David French’s low key, informal delivery of the news each morning was a welcome departure from the standard newscasts of the time. Lee’s interviews were often memorable and usually with well known national personalities…such as Ed Sullivan, Eddie Rickenbacker, Muhamad Ali, Pat Boone, Oral Roberts, Victor Borge, Eddie LaBaron, Dick Gregory, etc.

Woody Robertson directed the shows and could make more magic…with less of a budget…than anyone I’ve ever known. Woody, by the way, has his own production company in Detroit called September Moon…….that is one of the most successful production companies in the country.
Mike Hargrove was the producer for Cadence….although “referee” might have been a more accurate title, since all of us had strong ideas of what the show should be. But out of all the creative dynamics going on……came some real good TV moments. It seems tame now, but we were the first show to feature interviews with celebrities of the OTHER Washington stations. Our competetion.

This was unheard of….at the time……and the first of these interviews was with the JOY BOYS…..Ed Walker and Willard Scott….of WRC Radio. And frankly, it was the best CADENCE show we ever did.

Ed Walker 2003

Willard Scott attempting to fly…………while Ed Walker and Walt Starling look on in startled amazement at the 2001 WQCB Dinner

And how can we forget:



…or should it be EX-T oh PEEP pers?…..that reminds me……the morning guy on WTOP news these days is very good…..but it drives me absolute BONKERS..the way he pronounces “WT…………OP.” Personally, I like the way Arthur Godfrey used to say it, “WTO Peeee …….on your radio.”

I need more stories and pictures from you. Otherwise, this site will become nothing but pictures of ME plastered all over the place. It almost already is, you say. “WELLLLLLLLLL!” as Chickenman used to say (on WTOP around 5 each evening)……….

So send me some of your stories and pictures….already!


If you haven’t discovered Daves Hughes website yet…..There’s nothing else like it for keeping up with local radio and TV today AND yesterday.
For example: Click Here

Dave’s site for “what’s happening NOW” is: Click Here


Eddie was Mr. WTOP…….beginning when he took over the morning radio show from Arthur Godfrey, after Godfrey went national on the CBS radio Network. There were a lot of local market “Godfrey imitators” nationwide, because his style was so “new and different” back then …in the early 40’s. But Gallagher maintained his own style…which was a pretty straight-arrow…no nonsense type of delievery. Whatever it was, it worked. He was on the air in Washington….until only a couple of years ago….and he had a sponsor loyalty that I believe is unmatched anywhere. You can still hear his recorded spots for that restaurant he calls “the home of the golden popover.”

Walt Starling sent me a couple of snapshots of Eddie….taken recently when Walt was interviewing him. Walt says Eddie’s eyesight is not too good anymore….and he gets around with a walker……BUT, otherwise, he’s still Eddie!


I’m sure you’re aware that Dennis Owens, the morning man on WGMS for the last century or so, recently retired. But I’ll be you had forgotten that Dennis once worked at WTOP. In 1966 he was hired as the summer replacement announcer after having worked in Bermuda for 4 years.

Dennis Owens with Pavoratte

But this is the Dennis that we knew back in 66.

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Memorabilia from Tom Buckley

November 5, 2007


I got a note from Tom Buckley, a TD at WUSA since 1975, and he says he’ll be happy to share some of his very impressive collection of WTOP-TV memorabilia with us. When I say “impressive”…..that may be an understatement. For example, I’m sure you remember the big stone CBS eye….with the 9 in it…that was on the front of Broadcast House.

Well, Tom says that it now sits in his front yard.

Now that’s my kind of guy! He has graciously offered to share some of his collection with us. Here are the first ones he sent:

Frank Stanton and Phil Graham on Feb 15, 1949, signing the papers turning 55% of WTOP ownership over to the Post. CBS maintained 45%.

On air personality Claude Mahoney. (probably taken in the 40’s)

Don Richards checking the wire…..1950’s.

Ranger Hal’s substitute forest ranger “lookout”………..hence the name, Lookout Lee. Now, for the rest of the story: the hand inside that puppet belongs to………………..the famous Hollywood Producer: Barry Levinson.
(In all honesty, I don’t know that for sure…but it could be. Barry regularly worked those puppets on Hal’s show…during his tenure at Broadcast House.)

I’ll post MORE of Tom Buckley’s collection……as it arrives. Stay tuned!!

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Ed Bliss Dies

November 5, 2007

Ed Bliss Dies

11/26 …AP…. WASHINGTON – Ed Bliss, a former CBS writer and editor who worked with such luminaries as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite and later founded the broadcast journalism program at American University, died Monday. He was 90.

Bliss died of a respiratory disorder at a hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, friends said. During his 25 years at CBS radio and television, Bliss wrote and edited the news summary for Murrow’s 15-minute broadcasts, worked with Fred Friendly on “CBS Reports” and served as CBS News President Dick Salant’s executive assistant. In 1963, he became Cronkite’s news editor when CBS Evening News became the first 30-minute newscast. He was the person sitting behind Cronkite during his announcement of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. “Ed is considered to be the finest broadcast writer in the history of electronic journalism,” said Michael Freedman, vice president and journalism professor at George Washington University in Washington. “When you talk about somebody writing a book on a subject, Ed literally did.” Bliss wrote “Writing News for Broadcast,” a widely used journalism textbook first published in 1971.

Born in China in 1912, Bliss was the son of missionaries. He started his journalism career in the 1930s in Ohio working for newspapers in Bucyrus and Columbus. He was hired as a writer for CBS Radio News in 1943. In 1968, Bliss started American University’s School of Communication’s broadcast journalism program. He retired in 1997 and the same year was named Professor of the Year by the Society of Professional Journalists. “The enthusiasm of the students was the most gratifying thing,” he said in a 1993 interview. “And the friendships made through teaching, that’s the ultimate medal any teacher could wear.” After retirement, Bliss continued writing and in 1991 published “Now the News, The Story of Broadcast Journalism.” His book about his wife’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease (news – web sites), “For the Love of Lois,” is scheduled to be published next year. He also wrote a book about his father, “Beyond the Stone Arches,” which was published last year. Bliss is survived by his daughter, Anne Mascolino of Washington, D.C.

Ed was a very familiar sight around Broadcast House in the 50’s and 60’s. He was one of the true giants of this business, writing most of the material for Murrow’s nightly 7:45 CBS radio broadcast.

Chuck Langdon and I interviewed him about 6 years ago….for Fairfax Cable. (The public access channel)…and among the things that Ed said was……that some days he felt that he was letting Murrow down……….by just not being at his best. And he said, invariably, he would be listening to the broadcast as Murrow was delivering it………and he’d think,..” my God, he’s made that lousy script sound good….just by the way he’s reading it.”

He also said that his career was mostly spent behind the scenes….UNTIL he started working the Cronkite Show on TV. Then he became nationally known as “that bald headed man who walks around on the Cronkite set.”

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November 5, 2007


By Lee Shephard

Each year….like clockwork…salmon swim upstream, the swallows come back to Capistrano, and ……….the old fogies come back to Thurmont, Md….for their annual reunion and luncheon at the Cozy Inn.

They’re very special old fogies, though. As Buddy Belote, the group’s guiding force for the last 13 of these reunions, says….we were sitting on the armchair of history during some of the most exciting and meaningful years of the 20th century. All of them worked for WTOP and CBS radio and television…in Washington, DC. Many who regularly attend these gatherings…….right outside Camp David….first dined at the Cozy Inn when they were covering President Eisenhower… the 1950’s.
They spoke of the days of the Arthur Godfrey radio show….broadcast from his farm in Leesburg, VA….of the local radio soap operas broadcast from the Warner Building in the late 40’s and early 50s…before WTOP moved into Broadcast House at 40th and Brandywine Sts. in NW Washington, DC.

WTOP was More than just a local station, mainly because it was also CBS …in Washington. The network owned WTOP at one time, and when the Washington Post bought it…part of the terms of the sale were that CBS would maintain offiicies and studios at WTOP. So, the combination of a 50 thosand watt radio station, a VHS TV station, and a network presence in the “most powerful city” in the world…was potent indeed.

So it’s no wonder…that allumni come from far and wide….to remember and celebrate…..when WE were a part of WTOP….the KING of the luminiferous ether!

Bob Raiford came from North Carolina for this year’s re-union. Raiford is featured each morning on the nationally syndicated radio show, John Boy and Billy..heard in over a hundred markets.

One of the things he is best remembered for is when he went to Vietnam…..and interviewed and tagged along with his son Ray…who was fighting in a front line unit in the middle of the war. Now THAT……was radio!

Ray came to the Thurmont event this year with Bob.

You can see what Raiford is doing now..complete with commentaries by loggin on to:


Paul Montebovie, on Buddy’s left, is both part of the PAST,,,,,(he started at WTOP in the middle to late 60’s)…and the PRESENT (he’s still there!) I guess he’s our youngest fogie.

OK….so I fudged a little. Three of those pictures were NOT from this year’s event, but taken a couple of years ago. I was so overwhelmed at seeing folks that I hadn’t seen for YEARS…..that I forgot to take many pictures. That’s happened to me all my life. Remember all those celebrities that came to Broadcast House over the years……You know how many PICTURES I have of them?


Damm it to heck! I remember when Ted Williams spent the entire afternoon in the studio with Don Richards and me……on the Sunday Sports Special (not the BEST…but the LONGEST show in Radio…..7 hours!) I remember shadow boxing with Mohammed Ali…in studio 11…….LBJ….coming to studio 11 to announce the end of a RR strike….Walter Cronkite doing his show in the third floor newsroom. Bob and Ray……doing shows in studio 12 (more about that in a later post. Appparently I’m the only one who remembers that series….it was right after Larry Israel took over….and changed everything.)

In my next life, I’m going to remember to stop talking…….and take pictures.

Thanks to Doris Fausey…who worked with Buddy this year to make Thurmont such a success…here’s the list of folks who attended this year:


Gordon Barnes
Cleatus and Doris Barnett
Gene and Francis Beall
Buddy and Florence Belote
Harold and Margie Bloom
William Calder
George and Mary Dewees
Donna and Earl Dunmeyer
George and Despena Eptamenitis
Doris and Bob Fausey
Royce and Doris Fish
Emil and Hazel Franks
Lorie Gayman
Jerry Gayman
Stanley and Harriet Guttenberg
Peg and Jim Hargreaves
Donald Herr
Dale and Judith Kelsey
Bud and Helen Kerrick
Chuck Langdon
Kline Mengle
Ralph Mlaska and Guest
Peter O’Reilly
Theda Parrish
Kevin Rafferty
Bob Raiford
Bob Raiford’s Son. Ray
Lee Shephard
Bea and Paul Stottlemyer
Ernie Tobin&Catherine Sollers
John and Marie Yeardley
Dave and Thelma Zarin
Tony and Betty Zukas

You may notice that my face keeps popping up in these pictures. The way to cure this problem…is for YOU to send in YOUR pics……You can email them to me at:

Look around….enjoy. This site will only get BETTER and BETTER….as more “old timers” chime in….with stories and pictures….these first ones are ones I’ve dug up….I can’t identify all the people shown….or the dates……but it’ll be a start.

“Return with us now, to those exciting days of yesteryear……….”

My guess is that this pic was taken when WJSV became WTOP. You’re the TOP…….was not only a song….but a popular expression….(1943). So, WTOP was a very coveted call sign…for a station that was at the top of the dial (1500) back then.

Our boss is in the second row, third from left. (Just kidding……that’s Gilligan….from Gilligan’s Island.)

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November 5, 2007

STAFF 1954

The Washington Post printed an entire section about the opening of Broadcast House…on Feb 7, 1954. In it…they published small pictures of every employee of WTOP Radio and TV at that time.

I’ve tried to reproduce those pictures…with my trusty Toys R Us scanner….and my wind up computer….Let me know if I missed anybody…..

link_Staff pics 2

link_Staff pics 10

link_Staff pics 3

link_Staff pics 4

link_Staff pics 5

link_Staff pics 6

link_Staff pics 7

link_Staff pics 8

link_Staff pics 9


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